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Solus plan is the most popular service that VIP Leaflets offer.

You have full control over where, when and how many doors. We can even select certain addresses only for you.

You will have full control over your order with us!

Choose how many leaflets / menus etc you wish to be delivered.

When to commence delivery and over what kind of timescale.

Choose which areas we will target..

Services - More on Shared

VIP Leaflets shared door to door delivery plan is probably best suited for most small business and sole traders. It is very effective with a high return for the outlay, in terms of cost and time. You must be flexible about where your marketing material is being delivered and at on what dates, but if geographical locations within a town or city is not an issue then shared distribution has very few draw backs.

The idea of a shared plan, as the name suggests, is you share it with other companies looking to do the same thing. Your leaflet will not be delivered with any other competing leaflets and only a maximum of 2 other leaflets will accompany your marketing material.

If you are working on a tight budget then this may be the best package available to get your companies message across to the mass public!.

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